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Cadbury Creme Egg Lamb..... $7

Cute lambs made with Cadbury Creme Eggs, fondant and royal icing.

Peeps House Kit..... $10

Create your own adorable Peep marshmallows in a cookie house with candy decorations.

Cookie decorating kit..... $25

Create your own Easter masterpieces with all the supplies provided for 12 cookies. 

Hollow Chocolate Eggs ..... $10

Personalize these with a name! 

Artisan Apple Pie ..... $25

Delicious apple pie straight from our oven to your table. 

Mini Egg Cookie Dough Cone..... $4.50

Edible Cookie dough embedded with mini eggs, stuffed into an ice cream cone!

8" Mini Egg Cheesecake..... $35

Amazing cheesecake topped with Mini Eggs

½ doz Easter themed cupcakes..... $20

6 adorable Easter-themed cupcakes

Easter sugar cookie set .... $20

6 adorable Easter-themed cookies

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